Indie Republic Design February Re-Cap!

Posted by Nikki Tena on

APOPHYLLITE                 LAB CHUNKS                                BLUE AGATE SLICES      BEAUTIFUL STONES
February was super busy for us here at IRD, with the Tucson Gem, Mineral+Stone Show in AZ, ENKVegas Tradeshow and San Fransisco Gift Show and we're excited to fill you in on what we've been up to. It was our first time attending the Tucson Gem+Mineral Show, and we had the pleasure of meeting all the eccentric stone enthusiasts the show attracts. We stayed in an adorable little cottage -found through the amazing AirBNB- operated by a meditation teacher, so we'd be super zen and ready to dive into the festivities. It was great meeting eclectic gem and stone prospectors and dealers from all over the world and learning more about where all our favorite and inspiring stones are sourced. We discovered some magical and beautiful new stones to feature in upcoming collections, with Apophyllite being our favorite. Known as the stone of truth, its often utilized in Reiki for its energy healing properties and its ability to promote calmness. We're fortunate to be able to pursue our passion of spreading positive energy and love through our designs, and treasure the opportunities to meet our kindred spirits at events like the Gem, and Mineral+Stone Show. :)

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