New York City RailRoad Tie Chandelier

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Product Description

New York City Baby. The land of million dollar penthouses with views of city lights for miles upon gray beautiful building-ed mile. Where many a residents' closet is considered fashion-forward and their kitchen are non-descript and unused. It is edge. It is now. It is friendly and aloof all at once. The city, the owner and their super perfect 6 bulb-ed lamp. Let's call it that because it is so far from it. But then again, NYC is so much more than just a city. Raw railroad Tie White Chandelier
Adorned with 6 teal vintage wire drop Edison bulb extension white sockets

Product Specification

Manufactured By
Indie Republic Design?_í?_ÌÎ__í?__?_í?_ÌÎ__í?__
W 8" / D 32" / H 15" / 20 lb.?_í?_ÌÎ__í?__
Reclaimed Wood, Reclaimed Railroad Tie, Metal, Vintage Cord?_í?_ÌÎ__í?__

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