"Inspired by Nature, Adorned by You" 
Drawing inspiration from inner beauty and imperfect circles, Indie Republic Design believes the flaws in raw stones accentuate beauty, as they do in our own lives. This connection to hidden interiors and imperfections, sparks us to create handmade, one-of-a-kind jewelry that can be treasured for years to come.
Paying homage to our love of Southern California, all of IRD's collections bare the monikers of the beaches we frequent and are inspired by. 

Our pieces are as distinct and varied as the SoCal coast and reflect the carefree bohemian lifestyle embodied by the locals. As a women-run business, our aim is to enhance your beauty by adorning you with the loving energy of Indie Republic Design.

Owner/Designer, Nikki Martin
Indie Republic Design is the creation of SoCal native and creative entrepreneur Nikki Martin. After a decade of designing, Nikki came up with the concept for IRD and began launching her distinct collections. Starting as a hobby when her son was a toddler, Nikki knew she was on to something when people began stopping her in the street, asking where they could buy her necklaces. Creating beautiful, inspired pieces for friends and family became her therapy, but soon Nikki realized it was her calling. Nikki’s obsession with precious stones, began as a child when she saw a Geode being cut in half, revealing its inner beauty. 

Social Media/PR, Gabriela Tena
Gabriela was born in Spain and hails from Southern California. She loves all things fashion, expressive + bold color, hiking, the ocean and creating. She went to FIDM for Visual Communications, and worked for Oscar de la Renta during NYFW. She graduated from Charleston with Art History and Communications and brings her vibrant personality and networking skills to Indie Republic Design. 


Production Team, Judy + Monique Gallardo

Our Production Team is lead by an amazing Mother and Daughter set, Judy & Monique Gallardo, who embrace + embody a natural + healthy lifestyle. Judy, a former restaurant owner, joined the team in 2014, on a leap of faith to follow a dream of creating from the heart and it’s been a perfect fit ever since. Her passion has always been for the love of nature and to be able to express it through any medium is her true life’s calling. She feels that when you create something, it inspires others to come forward with their own gifts. Monique, her daughter, whom is a Yoga Instructor and Elementary School Activity Counselor, followed her mom to work with Indie Republic Design when the beauty & meaning of the stones in the jewelry spoke to her.