Jaipur Double Pendant Fixture

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Product Description

A white wood latticed backdrop, maybe some henna on the hand. Buddha is staring at you from across the foyer, his eyes fixed like stone because they are. Silks of pink, blue, orange and yellow drape across the tiled windows like a sea of color lost in the light of your new, gorgeous, must-have Jaipur Double Pendant Fixture. It's artsy yet rough, delicate and strong, just like the room you've designed around it's beauty. Just like you.
4"x4" ceiling mount attaches to any electrical ceiling box with stand rd mounting screws and plates. These parts are fabricated specifically for Indie republic Design and are made in LA. INCLUDED:
  • 1 1" deep ceiling mount box
  • 2 3"double sided screws
  • 2 finished end nuts to secure
  • 1 circular bracket for bringing existing box and the IRD mount together
1 1" deep junction mount box, which is affixed to the top side of the piece where the bulbs join to 1. The Extension rod attaches to the ceiling box mount and the junction mount box. This is where the wire for the fixture is fed through it. Rods are available in stand rd sizes of: 6", 12", 18"
All necessary nuts and bolts are already assembles or given with the piece. This piece is delivered fully assembled. DO NOT BEND. The rod is in the correct position for mounting with the wire and light attached internally. Any alterations or manipulations of this could result in breakage.
  • Bulb Type/Wattage: 40w A19 Timeless Vintage Inspired Bulb
  • Bulbs Included: Yes
  • Number of Bulbs: 3
  • UL Certified: No
  • Handmade: Yes

Product Specification

Manufactured By
Indie Republic Design?_í?_ÌÎ__í?__?_í?_ÌÎ__í?__
W 16.5" / D 16.5" / H 24" / 8 lb.?_í?_ÌÎ__í?__
Redwood, Wood, Metal, Swarovski Crystals, Peach Geode, Moroccan Geode?_í?_ÌÎ__í?__

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