Geode Simple Silver Long Necklace

  • $188.00

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This unique and beautiful necklace features a Raw Moroccan__̴Ìà_̏___Geode Slice of the Rock__̴Ìà_̏___with__̴Ìà_̏___Sterling Silver__̴Ìà_̏___or Gold-Filled__̴Ìà_̏___Chain. All__̴Ìà_̏___gold__̴Ìà_̏___accent pieces__̴Ìà_̏___are finished__̴Ìà_̏___with Pyrite accents__̴Ìà_̏___and__̴Ìà_̏___all Silver pieces__̴Ìà_̏___are finished with__̴Ìà_̏___labradorite__̴Ìà_̏___accents. This one also comes with a__̴Ìà_̏___beautiful Blush Geode, Pyrite or Labradorite Drop that hangs down the back.__̴Ìà_̏___

Each Piece of Geode is original and untreated.__̴Ìà_̏___28"-30" Adjustable Lobster Closure.

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